/ How to Reduce the Risk of Becoming a Victim of Crime


´╗┐How to Reduce the Risk of Becoming a Victim of Crime

Crime is unfortunately a reality. It is impossible to prevent it, however, it is possible to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime by following a few preventive measures such as:

Take care for home security. Burglars usually do not pick their victims randomly. They often observe the residences and pick the one they consider to be the easiest target. Be sure to keep your doors locked and windows closed, especially when you are away from home and never leave the door keys under your doormat or planters. Even if no one except your family members knows where you keep a spare key, doormats and planters are the first place a burglar will look. Doormats and planters are the most common key hiding places and the burglars know that.

Do let strangers into your home and teach your children to do the same or better yet, not to open the door to anyone when they are home alone. Crime does not happen only during the night and for that reason you are highly recommended never to let strangers into your home no matter if they are trying to sell you something or claiming to conduct a field research because it can only be an excuse to be able to see if you have anything worth stealing.

Never walk alone in the dark and potentially insecure neighbourhoods. In the real life, criminals rarely wait in the bush for someone to come around, however, it is never a good idea to walk alone in the dark and potentially insecure neighbourhoods because most criminals do not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity. If you must walk alone in the dark, choose a busy and well lighted street even if it means walking a few minutes longer.

Try to break the routine whenever possible. Criminals often observe their victims to be able to determine when their home is empty or when they are more likely to be alone either at home or outside their home. You may not be able to break the routine when it comes to work but you do not have to go for a run for instance at the same time every day nor alone all the time. If none of your family members or friends does not want or cannot join you, you can also take along your family dog if you have one and choose different path from time to time.

If a person is making you uneasy, leave the situation as soon as possible. If you feel threatened or uneasy being alone with a certain person, trust your instinct and leave the situation as soon as possible.

Be careful at every step but try not to get panic or show fear. Always keep in mind that criminals never rest, however, do not let paranoia to take over your life. Reducing the risk of becoming a victim of crime is about giving the criminals as little chance as possible and not about living in constant fear.